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Web Developer - Designer

About Me

about me iconExperienced Web Designer and Developer (9 years on multiple projects) with an aptitude for learning and applying established and emerging technologies. Reliable and fast, with a focus on delivering the requested functionality.

I am able to offer the entire suite of services required in setting up a modern, dynamic website following Web 2.0 principles. From initial user requirements elicitation, to analysis and design, all the way to implementing with well established technologies in the field ( PHP5 , Joomla, Wordpress, CSS 3, Laravel, Ruby on Rails, Code igniter, Symfony, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery, Apache, Google Analytics, Android Apps, Python scripting). I also offer web hosting services to round out a complete, one-stop solution.

Even modern websites may look ugly, unless you know how to use these tools

HTML5css3javascript logojqueryajax

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Megabyte Technologies / (2008-2012)

megabyte2.fwI have been previously employed in this field, even before obtaining formal qualifications. From 2008 to 2012 I was employed by Megabyte Technologies ( ), a company specializing as a high end network service provider (web café installations, leased lines, wireless VPN networks, Voice over IP and IP cameras). During that time I was the senior web designer and developer for Megabyte.

Freelancing / 2009 to present

freelancing2.fwI have also been an active freelancer from 2009 until the present day. I have successfully carried out a multitude of projects for a host of different clients, each with their individual requirements and specifications. These range from simple repair and maintenance tasks on pre – existing websites, all the way to designing, implementing, hosting and maintaining complex platforms, such as e – shops, from scratch. As a result of this, I have come into contact with a varying set of customer demands and expanded my time management, people and business skills necessary for this line of work. Also, through necessity (client demands) and my own curious nature (being a tinkerer at heart), I have been under constant exposure to new and emerging technologies, such as the up and coming Laravel Web Framework and the Magento e-commerce platform, among others. At the same time, working with established industry standards, such as PHP, Javascript, HTML5 and CSS3, to name a few, has helped me improve my skill set in the core technologies every web designer/developer should be familiar with.

Rock Radio 104.7 / (2005-2009)

rockradio.fwAs a final note, I have been employed by Rock Radio 104.7 FM from 2005 to 2009. During this span of time I was in charge of all technical aspects related to audio streaming services, software maintenance and web design and development, as well as keeping a smooth flow of operations during the station’s airtime.

Past Education

BSc Computer Science

bsc.fwI am a holder of a Bachelor of Science in the field of Computer Science, obtained after completing my studies in The University of Sheffield, International Faculty City College. This particular degree is accredited by the BCS (British Computer Society) with the following levels of accreditation: Chartered IT Professional (CITP), Partial Chartered Engineer (CEng), Partial Chartered Scientist (CSci).

During my studies I have participated in and successfully carried out a multitude of different projects, which helped me gain valuable hands – on experience. These activities cover the entire spectrum of the practical application of computer science. Indicatively, they include all the necessary non – coding steps undertaken during a project (requirements gathering, system analysis and design, software engineering processes and project management), as well as the variety of existing applications and programming paradigms (among others: object oriented programming and principles, web applications, robotics, neural networks, etc). Both group and individual projects were carried out, which helped me gain a balanced set of skills necessary for an IT professional. Because of this, I am able to analyze and tackle a problem on my own, but I am also capable of working with colleagues and other professional to achieve the client’s goals. I believe that knowledge is power and I am not afraid to share opinions and ask questions if it means I get a chance to improve myself.

Technological Educational Institute of Central Macedonia

tei.fwBefore obtaining the above degree, I have also attended the course on Information Technology and Communications in the Technological Educational Institute of Central Macedonia. However, due to work commitments at the time of studying and the fact that the institute was based in another city, I was forced to abandon that course. In any case, it was a useful experience that prepared me for successfully obtaining my BSc in Computer Science.

Current Studies

Master of Arts in Digital Marketing and Social Media

ma.fwI am currently attending a two year (part time studies) course at The University of Sheffield, International Faculty City College, with the aim of obtaining a Master of Arts in Digital Marketing and Social Media. This will enable me to have a better understanding of how to successfully promote a client’s web application, after I have completed its implementation. It is a market that is still emerging and not fully established, so I am excited to attain this level of knowledge and improve my work and the services I can provide to my customers.

Hobbies & Interests

hobbies.fwMy hobbies include music to a large extent. I was a radio producer at Rock Radio 104.7, I have a habit of attending concerts (either in my home town or even abroad) and I frequently DJ at a variety of local bars. I like the nightlife, meeting and socializing with new people and sharing experiences and life knowledge, which is also a reason why I like to travel (mostly in Europe). A couple of beers and a few good tunes are a perfect way for me to take the edge off a busy day and relax my mind, so that the next day I will be fresh, rested and eager to dive back into my programming habit.


  • PHP5
  • HTML
  • Javascript

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